CFAE is a registered 501c3, volunteer-based community organization, started by a group of parrot lovers, to provide support to other parrot lovers and those who are owned by companion birds. 

CFAE primary purpose is to aid in the well-being, enrichment and re-homing of companion birds, as well as providing education and support of present and future bird owners and caretakers throughout Contra Costa, Alameda, San Francisco and Solano Counties.  We also plan to offer educational classes and workshops for the beginner to the advanced aviculturist and parrot enthusiast.  

Although being the third most popular pet in the United States, companion birds do not have the same resources and support available to them and their owners.  There is a significantly lower number of rescues and support programs for companion birds, making it necessary for CFAE to exist. 

CFAE’s Medical Emergency Fund (once established and funded) will provide monetary assistance to parrot caretakers in the event their bird requires emergency veterinary care.  Clients must meet the requirements in order to receive financial assistance.  In the future, CFAE aims to obtain space for temporary housing for birds in need of immediate fostering, in addition to providing the local animal shelter a safe space for abandoned and stray companions.

Education and Enrichment

Our Education and Enrichment program is designed to educate parrot caretakers and enthusiasts on good parrot husbandry and enrichment practices by offering parrot behavior, toy making, and enrichment classes and workshops.  We shall work with experienced trainers of free-flying parrots to provide recall training for our companions in the event that they should ever escape accidentally.

Lost and Found

CFAE will offer a streamlined place for lost bird recovery.  We shall provide detailed instructions, directions, checklists and support to parrot owners for the successful recovery of their lost birds.  In addition, we will keep a detailed data base on lost birds with as much identifying information on each bird as possible in the event that the bird is recovered and we can reunite them with their rightful owners.  We want to work with other sites like parrot911 to get the best exposure possible as soon as possible.


Our Companion Bird Re-Homing program will offer assistance to those needing to find a new permanent or temporary home for their companion bird. Birds that require housing through our service will be charged a re-homing fee, to aid in the cost of caring for the bird’s needs.Having a thorough screening process enables us to find the most suitable home. Birds needing immediate housing will be placed in foster homes with avian experienced caretakers. In some cases, birds may require medical boarding at the local Avian Medical Center.

Rehoming/Adoptions Coming Soon

Support Our Work

There are many ways to help support our organization. Please consider making a donation of money or your time to our foundation to help support our mission. We need volunteers, foster parronts, sponsors for those needing medical care on a regular basis and lots of funds.