Susanna van Greunen

Susanna van Greunen

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Susanna's love for all animals and specifically parrots started as a little girl growing up on a farm in Namibia and South Africa. Her first bird was a baby cockatiel who was kicked out of the nest by his parents, and she raised him by feeding him from her mouth. Kokkie followed her anywhere and was the first to run down the hall to wake her up every morning. Later Piet, a CAG, was given to her parents and became her friend like all baby animals usually did. 

When she moved to the US she got involved in the Parrot community by volunteering at a Rescue in Chicago, where most of her current flock picked her. She moved to CA from Chicago in October 2012 and currently lives in Pleasant Hill, CA in a house with 7 parrots and an elderly cat, Milo.

Her flock consists of

48+ year old called Pepper, a female Yellow-fronted Amazon, (adopted from the rescue in Chicago),

a 25+ year old, female Yellow-naped Amazon called Tattoo (adopted from Feathered Follies here in CA),

a 22 year old, very big Military/Great Green Macaw lady called Dandy (adopted from the rescue in Chicago),

a 17+ year old, female Double Yellow-headed Amazon called Trixie (adopted from Feathered Follies here in CA),

an 8 year old, female Congo African Grey called Coocoo bee and an 8 year old Scarlet Macaw lady called Valentina, (both given to her by pet parronts doing the right thing when not able to take care of them any longer) and

last but not least, Otto, a 7+ year old Lilac-crowned Amazon boy with an attitude since he was rescued from a pet shop going out of business.

Susanna's passion is to give these magnificent animals the best possible life in captivity.

Rehoming/Adoptions Coming Soon

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