Lisa Myers

Founder and Vice President

Lisa D. Myers has been an avid animal lover and supporter since a very early age. Always being the child that stray animals would follow home, she always knew that she wanted to spend her life working with animals.  Self-taught in many arenas, Lisa has had a zoo of pets throughout her life as large as horses and as small as tropical fish, and everything in-between.  Because of her passion for animals and their well-being, Lisa has volunteered for many years to local animal rescues and organizations.  Her love for birds and parrots have been a lifelong passion. 

Raised in an Italian family with a large flock of homing pigeons, Lisa also grew up with budgies and canaries.  Her first companion bird as a child was a grey cockatiel named “Big Boy”.  He was given to her by an elderly neighbor who had to move into a convalescent home after falling ill.   Lisa and Big Boy spent many wonderful years together until he passed away surviving well into his late 20’s.  Thus, began the love affair with parrots and birds in general.  Lisa resides in Pleasant Hill, CA with her husband Philip and her menagerie of pets, including one blue and gold macaw, two Congo African Greys, two Yellow Collar Macaws, two Lineolated Parakeets, a red throated Conure and a white cockatiel. 

Lisa is the brain behind the CFAE.  She approached her friends with this idea and put everything on the line to make it happen.  She worked hard to get everything legally done and approved.  She does not stop at anything to help a bird in need, just ask Lorenza J

Rehoming/Adoptions Coming Soon

Support Our Work

There are many ways to help support our organization. Please consider making a donation of money or your time to our foundation to help support our mission. We need volunteers, foster parronts, sponsors for those needing medical care on a regular basis and lots of funds.