Zoe Schreiber


Zoe began working with parrots at the age of seven volunteering her time at a local bird store after the sudden loss of her first budgie from a pet chain store. She found her calling in a setting where the birds were given the opportunity to thrive with proper enrichment, attention, and veterinary care, continuing to work at the local shop through high school and college.

Zoe graduated from Mills College with a degree in Research Psychology which has offered a strong platform for her work within animal behavior and she looks forward to continuing her education in the application of Applied Behavior Analysis with companion birds. She has certifications from AFA in the Fundamentals of Aviculture Level 1 and with PIJAC's Certified Avian Specialist program.

Zoe currently works at a law firm focusing on corporate compliance within the non-profit sector so she is thrilled to be on the Board combining her skills for the betterment of companion birds. Zoe breeds Lineolated Parakeets, focusing on establishing a strong population of nominate green birds in the United States with the Lineolated Parakeet Society's "It Isn't Easy Being Green" Project (http://linniesociety.org/its-not-easy-being-green-project/). She is owned by a flock of eleven, ten wonderful Lineolated Parakeets and a rowdy Noble Macaw named Pheobe.

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