Hermanus van Greunen


Marketing and Board Member

Hermanus van Greunen is new to the Center For Avian Enrichment Team. Growing up in South Africa, Hermanus founded an in depth passion for wildlife, for he was surrounded by all types of animals his entire childhood. One day, his mother made the commitment of taking in a baby Congo African Grey, Papagaai, which required a lot of care and commitment, inspiring him to take on the little one as his own sibling. It was after Aspergilosis took the life of Papagaai, that Hermanus' mother quickly took to volunteering at a bird rescue where Pepper, a Yellow Fronted Amazon who was 37 years old, adopted her as an owner. Such volunteerism led to a couple needing tp rehome a Scarlet Macaw to contact her, as they needed relinquish her to someone they knew would take good care of her. Upon arriving to her new home, Valentina, the Scarlet Macaw, adopted Hermanus and the two quickly fell in love. 

Hermanus first attended a Community College in Lake County, Illinois, where he first wanted to become a Architectural Engineer, but later received his Associates in Business Communications. With his ability of being creative, he took on a Bachelors Degree in Communications and Web Graphic Design. With his understanding of Marketing and applied communications skills, Hermanus pursued a career in graphic design and marketing. He also had the privilege of working in customer service related industries in which he took on various supervisory and managerial responsibilities. 

Currently he works as Marketing Liaison at Feathered Follies. This, as well as his love for animals, especially parrots, makes for him to be a perfect fit to join Center for Avian Enrichment. He will be managing the Social Media and volunteer applications and do outreach with the community. Please contact him for further information via the info page.


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